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Windshield decals can help private parking lot proprietors make their lots safer, control operating costs, and notify drivers who have broken the rules. Parking decals typically use numbering systems or barcodes to help lot attendants separate the authorized drivers from the unauthorized. They can be colored or designed to designate different areas for different cars (for example, separating visitors from employees, or students from faculty). They can enable attendants to monitor arrivals and departures on an ongoing basis by recording the identifying information that decals prominently feature. They’re typically located on the inside of the windshield, though sometimes tinted windows can necessitate stickers on the outside.

The key ingredient in any windshield decal is glue. Your decals can come off easily, or they can be a chore to remove – the level of adhesion is up to you. Are you distributing decals far and wide as part of a system, or are your decals strictly punitive? Either way, decals can be tailor-made to fit your needs and your lot.

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The Perfect windshield decal

Not all windshield decals are created equal; a decal comprised of the right design and materials can save you time and money. The ideal size is small enough to avoid distractions…

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Why do we need windshield decals in parking lots?

Imagine a library with no cataloging system. It'd be impossible to tell whether a book even belonged in the building. Hemingway could sit uncomfortably…

Home|Types of windshield decals | How to remove windshield decals | The perfect windshield decal
Windshield decals for better parking management | Why do we need windshield decals in parking lots?

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